Women’s Imaging

Women’s Imaging Procedures Offered

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Viability and Dating
Nuchal Translucency
18-20 Week Morphology
Third Trimester
3D/4D Pregnancy Ultrasound
Bone Mineral Densitometry (DEXA)

More Information About Women’s Imaging

ultrasound-womensExact Radiology Clinics offer a variety of the highest quality imaging services for women in our dedicated Women’s Imaging Clinics located at Chapel HillRochedale South and Ipswich. These clinics offer a range of specialised services as well as providing a comfortable and friendly environment.

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A mammogram is an x-ray used to image breast tissue to detect calcifications, cysts, fibroadenoma (non-cancerous breast lumps) and cancer.

Breast tissue is quite dense therefore a mammography unit is designed to increase the quality of the images without increasing the radiation. This is achieved with a paddle that compresses the breast against a platform to produce images at various angles. The images are then produced on film or created digitally and stored on a computer.

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Obstetric Ultrasound

Viability and Dating
A Viability and Dating Scan is an initial pregnancy scan performed between 6 and 14 weeks to confirm a viable pregnancy, intrauterine location and estimated delivery date.

A Morphology Scan is a routine examination which most women have in the mid trimester of their pregnancy at 18-20 weeks. Along with measuring the baby the main purpose of the scan is to evaluate the foetal anatomy and where possible to detect foetal anomalies and structural problems.

Third Trimester
A Third Trimester Scan involves an ultrasound of the lower abdomen and is used to assess foetal growth and size, amount of amniotic fluid that is present, blood flow patterns in the cord, brain and liver veins, placental location and overall foetal well-being.

Nuchal Translucency
The Nuchal Translucency Scan can only be performed in the first trimester of pregnancy between 11 weeks 5 days and 13 weeks 6 days. The scan can determine if the foetus is at higher risk of chromosomal anomalies.

3D/4D Obstetric Ultrasound

This scan is offered to families as a social experience after the morphology scan has been performed to assess the baby’s progress clinically. Three Dimensional images show the unique facial & anatomical features of your baby. During your scan you are able to see your baby in real time (4D). With this scan Exact provides mothers with a copy of both black and white and coloured images of their baby, a CD containing these scanned images plus an information and gift pack.

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